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Team Member Bios:

-Greg Golsan

-Automotive Technogology Instructor

-Green Automotive Technology

While being new to El Cerrito High School Mr. Golsan has been teaching high school in 2009 Automotive Tech for 10 years. Mr. Golsan first started working on cars when he was 13 years old. He recalls, “i was 13 and my friend was 14 we bought a 1969 plymouth roadrunner and a service manual, toad it home, and pulled the engine out of it in my friends garage. we used tools that we got for the christmas holidays and birthdays. We took the engine apart to see whats inside . Put it back together and it still ran. Mike later sold it to someone who put it in thier car. Mr. Golsan has had a pashion for cars, trucks, and motorcycles for as long as he can remember. He’s build race cars, rock crawlers, muslce cars and many other vehicles. He’s raced on road corses, drag strips and off-road in those same vehicles.

Mr. Golsan became interested in Alternative energy and alternative frive vehicles about five years ago. He attended classes on alternative fuels, alternative fuel production, electric car conversation.